KGJ-H Series Home Use Vacuum Freeze Dryer

KGJ-H Series Home Use Vacuum Freeze Dryer


  • Intelligent and automatic control system
  • Small size for home use
  • High performance in stability
  • Energy-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Free installation&commission &training
  • Widely used to freeze dry fruis, vegetables, milk,coffee etc.


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Foods are freeze-dried by freeze dryer gently, the water of  foods is extrat in the form of vapour  during high-pressure vacuum production process.

The vapour is colleted on a condenser in the drying chamber, and returns to ice and is removed. All remaining “bound ” moisture will be extracted from pet food with increasing temperature. The physical structure and 99% nutritions of foods will be maintained , and can be preserved for a long time.





Dairy products


Other products.

Vacuum freeze dryer/Best freeze dryer/Vacuum freeze dryer

Freeze drying highlights

1.foods are freeze-dried at low temperatue, without damaging their physical structure.

2.Natural taste, color, shape ,nutritients and vitamins can be maintained, without any chemicals and additives.

3.Good rehydration performance when adding water.

4.Freeze-dried  food is a healthier pet food.

Technical Specification

Model KGJ-02F KGJ-03F KGJ-05F
No of shelves(㎡) 2+1 Radiant 3+1Radiant 4+1 Radiant 
Total shelf area(㎡) 0.24 0.36 0.48
Shelf uniformity ±1 ℃ ±1 ℃ ±1 ℃
Shelf materials SS304/SS316L SS304/SS316L SS304/SS316L
Maximum low temperature Minus 60℃ Minus 60℃ Minus 60℃
Condenser capacity 2kg/24h 3kg/24h 5kg/24h
Cooling time from 20℃to-40℃ 30min 30min 30min
Ultimate vacuum  <10Pa <10Pa <10Pa
Pump down time to 10Pa 30min 30min 30min
Leak rate <20ml/s <20ml/s <20ml/s
Chamber  SS304 rectangular chamber SS304 rectangular chamber  SS304 rectangular chamber 
Compressor Tecumseh 3HP*1 Tecumseh 3HP*1 Tecumseh 3HP*1
Pressure control Danfoss Danfoss Danfoss

The Whole Production Line

Highlights And Features

    • Home size freeze dryer has relatively low volume, is more convenient for home use


    • No need for external utilities, no need for consuming compressed air and cooling water;


    • Can store multiple number of freeze drying plans ,all plans can be used at any time;


    • Accurate sensor calibration function to ensure the accuracy of process parameters in long-term use.


    • Can be operated both manually and automatically


    • Vacuum degree controllable, if the vacuum degree rises rapidly,the heating rate is able to be lowered,can avoid disadvantages as material bubble and internal melting.

    Successful Projects


    Why your price is relatively high?

    We are in zhejiang province which is known for the quliaty of its mechanical manufacturing and fine craftsmanship. Our first priority is always based on the quality. If you want A more economica price,please let us know your budget, So that we could make some modification to meet your needs.

    What is your installation service system?

    Our enigneer has been working 20 years in freeze dryer machines and has been over to 20 countries to install our freeze dryer equipments. Now he has US Visa, So it is easy for him to go many other countries to start installation. So when we make a deal , we will arrange our engineer to your factory in 2 weeks, and he wil finish his work within 2 weeks. The customer should pay his round-trip ticket,hotel, food and daily wage USD100. Our engineer can speak english and can communicate with your team fluently . Excellent service deservces its cost.

    What Is Your After-Sales Service System?

    Our target customer groups are all from developed countries, USA, European, Middle east, Korea, Russia, Colomibia etc. They are all have high requirements with freeze-dryer. The core components of our freeze dryers are all imported from germany , Japan, Italy etc, has excellent stability , low energy consumption and almost no faluire. If there are any problems caused by non-human facors, we will undertake the full responsibility and relace new one for you, so please don’t worry about our after-sales service.

    How Could You Control And Ensure Your Machine Quality?

    Firstly of all, we are professional manufacturer and has own production line, the core components of freeze dryer are all imported from Germany, Japan,

    Italy etc, and each part is completed independently by our factory self. We take the quality as priority and control the each production process strictly ,from design ,R&D, producing .We refuse to attract our customers with low price but low quality.

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