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Kassel freeze dryers can be used for freeze drying in food, biology, medicine, chemistry and other fields, and can be roughly divided into the following categories.

Food Freeze Drying

Food Freeze Drying

Freeze drying perfect fit food preservation. Make it light weight, easy storage and transport. Freeze-dried foods do not need to be refrigerated or preserved with chemicals, can be reconstituted quickly and easily by adding water. Examples: Cooked meals, Soup, Porridge, Noodles, Instant Coffee, Meat, Seafood etc.

Fruit Vegetables

Fruit Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is a good way to preserve fruits and vegetables. Turn them to light weight and easy storage fruit snacks. Since freeze drying only remove water, and nutrients, vitamins, flavor, structure and tastes are well preserved. So lyophilized fruits are healthy to eat. Examples: Apples, Berries, Pineapples, Peach, Cherries, Banana, Melons etc.


Dairy Freeze Drying

Freeze dried dairy is nutritional than other dehydration method. Especially fit formula baby milk powder production. Freeze dried dairy products are light weight, easy transport and no critical requirements to storage environment. Examples: Milk, Yogurt, Ice cream, Cake and other milk products.


Biological Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is widely used in biologicals areas. This low temperature drying method guarantees the biological activity and storage stability. Offers safe storage environment and transport. Examples: Venom, Plant extracts, Tissues, Microorganisms, Blood, Bacteria, Specimen etc.


Pet Food Freeze Drying

Freeze drying of pet food well keep the protein which guarantees healthy growth of dogs or cats. Frozen pet foods are dehydrated under vacuum environment and minus temperature, water removed by sublimation technology. Examples: Chicken breast, beef, mixtures etc.

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying

Lyophilization has been used in many pharmaceutical’s production projects. Freeze drying heat sensitive drugs at low temperature, great improve the stability and storage of labile drugs. Keep the biological activity of them and extend shelf life. Examples: Pills, API, Injectable formulations, Penicillin, Vaccines etc.